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What If . . . ?

what-if-front-showcase-403-x-4031As the New Year approaches, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on what’s gone well in the past, and what changes we’d like to see in the future. “What if . . . ” questions are great tools to envision better lives and a better world. Here are a few of mine:

What if there was a vision of hope so compelling that all of us couldn’t help but see and share it?

What if we were all striving to uncover our highest selves and share them with the world?

What if our burning quest was to discover authentic love and radiate it into the world?

What if we didn’t trust our heads anymore but listened instead to the silent wisdom of our hearts?

What if we could all suspend judgment just for a minute? What if it happened at the same minute?

What if we all twittered what if questions for a day?

What if you added a what if question to the comments right now?


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