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If I Can Change, So Can You!

Almost a dozen years ago, I appeared in Richard Linklater’s movie Waking Life as a nihilistic character known as Self-Destructive Man. Imagine my surprise when 60 Minutes did a story in mid-January about Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter, and mentioned he was obsessed with the movie.

Then they showed my scene, as if I may have been an influence on him. This was a huge shock, and I didn’t want 60 Minutes to have the last word. Fortunately, Jim Swift of KXAN was interested in my side of the story, and filed this report:

Former actor stunned by 60 Minutes story: kxan.com


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Unified Field

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

I’m looking to put all my scattered thoughts together in one place.

Branching out into all the various roles I take on . . . Seeker, Guide, Counselor, Teacher, Humorist, Writer, Lover of Life, Husband and Dad.

Curious to see how this is going to look.


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