Cyberbullying PSA

One of my biggest challenges as a guidance counselor is hearing about how Facebook bullying hurts kids and causes a number of uproars at schools. I try to stay out of people’s business, but also to intervene when necessary with direct questions that strongly invite students to think of the moral and ethical implications of their actions. I think this video makes the point quickly and clearly, and thanks to Amy at MindOH! for sharing the video.


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It’s Not About the Milk

The Wrong Stuff!

The Wrong Stuff!

The other night on the way home from the office, I stopped to pick up some dog food and milk. While there I thought, “I’ll get some bacon and cinnamon rolls and surprise the girls with breakfast tomorrow.”

So the next morning, a week day, I got downstairs a few minutes earlier and started to whip up something more substantial than the fruit bar hastily snatched on the way out the door. I had the bacon going in the pan, the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, and the cappuccino machine ready to roll – when my wife opens the refrigerator, sighs with great annoyance, and says in a world-weary tone, “Would you PLEASE not buy 2% milk anymore?”

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Unified Field

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

I’m looking to put all my scattered thoughts together in one place.

Branching out into all the various roles I take on . . . Seeker, Guide, Counselor, Teacher, Humorist, Writer, Lover of Life, Husband and Dad.

Curious to see how this is going to look.


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