Let Love Rule

Cosmic Love Transmitter

Cosmic Love Transmitter

Today at the Church of Conscious Harmony, Tim Cook returned to one of his favorite themes. He refers to it as “dogball theology” — and to illustrate the concept, he uses one of these:

We Are All One

We Are All One

The idea is that the ball represents God, who is One, and that each of the little spikes on the ball represents one individual. The little cap of color on the end of each spike represents an individual’s unique personality — though we may be different colors and located on different parts of the ball, we are still part of the unified whole.

I got to thinking about how easily I forget this concept in my day to day actions. As I sat still and listened, an image came to me of a satellite dish representing my heart, and I imagined it as big as my chest, receiving this transmission about love. The more I imagined this metaphor, the more expansive my heart felt. As I continued to meditate on this after the service, it occurred to me that there are various scales of satellite dishes.

So if you want to try this out, sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few moments, paying attention to the natural rhythm of the breath. Then imagine a wavering, ephemeral disc radiating around the center of your heart. It is shimmering, sort of like a time portal on the old Star Trek, and it transmits and receives LOVE. Imagine that you are radiating love — if you want to work on loving a specific person, imagine that you have a disc the size of one of those Direct TV discs you put on your roof, and it’s beaming love directly to its target. Maybe you want to connect to a broader area, like your state, or everyone you know in the country — then you have a transponder of a larger magnitude, and perhaps it’s up on a tower. Or maybe you’re feeling cosmic today, and you wish to connect to Source itself — then you might envision one of those NASA jobs I posted above. As you send out love through the power of your imagination, you also feel love coming to you from all edges of the universe. You are deeply connected, and that connection never disappears. We may cover it up, we may forget about it, we may even deny its very existence, but it is permanent and constantly available.

I believe this meditation is a powerful way of self-remembering, or remembering our true nature. What better exercise could there be to truly connect with the spirit of Christmas, which is the spirit of the cosmos itself.

I’m going to try this for a week, and I’ll post the results. Since we’re all One anyway, care to join me?


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  1. marks


    Another way to look at the ball is that it represents Grace, Love, Compassion, and Kindness,

    and that each of the little spikes represents the different philosophies that promote those values, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamism, secular humanism, etc.


    that each of the little spikes represents an enlightened philosopher who promotes those values, regardless of religion or background, such as Socrates, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.

    Different spikes, same center.

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