Unified Field

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

Me & My Girls in Myrtle Beach

I’m looking to put all my scattered thoughts together in one place.

Branching out into all the various roles I take on . . . Seeker, Guide, Counselor, Teacher, Humorist, Writer, Lover of Life, Husband and Dad.

Curious to see how this is going to look.



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5 responses to “Unified Field

  1. gregoryfrye

    Hello! Just stumbled across your new blog, and I don’t think it was coincidence. I recently joined wordpress myself and am also a writer and a teacher. I’m about to become a husband, too, and am nervous, excited … curious.

    I’ll link you on my blogroll. Looking forward to your next post.

    Take care…

  2. gregoryfrye

    p.s. gregoryfryebooks.wordpress.com

  3. Hi Gregory,

    Just getting started on this one, and I’m digging the WordPress . . . had a blog I worked on for a year or so at


    I’m trying to do this one more about my working and thinking and not about a “cause.”

    Thanks for the link — I look forward to checking out your blog in the next day or two . . . end of semester — I’m pumped!

  4. Good. Congratulations on your new blog.

  5. marks

    Check out Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach…

    Slightly north of Myrtle Beach, just across the NC border, but much less crowded and so beautiful!

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